Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This from Nita Scoggan's website:

My Mom has Recovered From Alzheimer's!

It’s been a long road back for my Mom. A year ago, I saw you and your husband on TV, telling about Phosphatidylserine (PS) and how it helped him recover from Alzheimer’s. I was so thrilled to know there was hope for my Mom who was confused and hostile. I started giving Mom 100mg of PS a day, and continued for a few months. I didn’t see any improvement, Mom was getting worse.

Then, I purchased and read your book. I realized Mom needed a lot more PS to energize her brain. I began giving Mom 1000mg of PS a day. I still did not see any big improvement. I was beginning to lose hope.

I decided to increase the PS to 1600mg a day, and continued this dosage for three months. I began to see Mom coming back! She started to remember things from long ago. We started having conversations again and her appetite improved. In June, I decreased the PS to 1200mg as Mom continued to improve!

In October, Mom continued to progress. I decreased the PS to 900mg daily. By December, Mom is doing great and now on 600mg of PS a day. She is alert and aware of her surroundings. Mom has started doing things for herself – brushing her teeth, feeding herself, saying her prayers, putting her gloves on. She knows her birthday again. She will soon begin physical therapy. I will continue to give her 600-900mg of PS daily in her applesauce, I know Mom will keep on improving.

It is fine to use my story in hopes of helping others. I know Mom’s recovery is God’s miracle. Thanks to God and you, Nita, for all your help.

God Bless,
D.F., California

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