Thursday, May 26, 2011


The following is a great post by Skinny For Good:

The most important organ in your entire body for weight loss is the same one as for sex: that big brain of yours.  And the most important way to keep it healthy as you age is by doing it as little harm as possible. How? By not eating incorrectly.  Even before you start investing in pricey organic produce or bankrolling a regimen of expensive supplements & vitamins, it’s worth noting that just eating “not incorrectly” (which is not the same as eating correctly) is actually one of the most affordable, easiest ways you can protect yourself against one of our most heartbreaking diseases of civilization: the deteriorating mental condition of Alzheimer’s dementia, which occurs when the cells die off because the brain is starved of metabolic fuel.

The best way to starve a brain? Simple: flood it with insulin. How? Just eat tons of the refined carbs that everyone is addicted to as part of “oh just one donut/candybar/High Fructose Corn Syrup filled soda never killed anyone” Club (actually, just one did…it led to 50 which led to 100 which eventually led to a slow death of vital organs, like the liver & brain).

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